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short story

How Christmas Came To The Santa Maria Flats

There were twenty-six flat children, and none of them had ever been flat children until that year. Previously they had all been home children. and as such had, of course, had beautiful Christmases, in which their relations with Santa Claus had been of the most intimate and personal nature.

short story

Old Father Christmas

“The custom of Christmas-trees came from Germany. I can remember when they were first introduced into England, and what wonderful things we thought them. Now, every village school has its tree, and the scholars openly discuss whether the presents have been ‘good,’ or ‘mean,’ as compared with other trees in former years.

short story

The Queerest Christmas

Betty stood at her door, gazing drearily down the long, empty corridor in which the breakfast gong echoed mournfully. All the usual brisk scenes of that hour, groups of girls in Peter Thomson suits or starched shirt-waists,

Hindi Stories

Damul Ka Kaidi by Premchand Munshi

Part 22 of 22 stories in Mansarovar Part 2

दस बजे रात का समय, एक विशाल भवन में एक सजा हुआ कमरा, बिजली की अँगीठी, बिजली का प्रकाश। बड़ा दिन आ गया है। सेठ खूबचन्दजी अफसरों को डालियाँ भेजने का सामान कर रहे हैं। फलों, मिठाइयों, मेवों, खिलौनों की छोटी-छोटी पहाड़ियाँ सामने खड़ी हैं। मुनीमजी अफसरों के नाम बोलते जाते हैं। और सेठजी अपने हाथों यथासम्मान डालियाँ लगाते जाते हैं। खूबचन्दजी एक मिल के मालिक हैं, बम्बई के बड़े ठीकेदार।

short story

A Christmas Star

“Come now, my dear little stars,” said Mother Moon, “and I will tell you the Christmas story.”

Every morning for a week before Christmas, Mother Moon used to call all the little stars around her and tell them a story.

It was always the same story, but the stars never wearied of it. It was the story of the Christmas star—the Star of Bethlehem.

short story

Christmas in the Alley

“I declare for ‘t, to-morrow is Christmas Day an’ I clean forgot all about it,” said old Ann, the washerwoman, pausing in her work and holding the flatiron suspended in the air.

“Much good it’ll do us,” growled a discontented voice from the coarse bed in the corner.

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