A God’s Labour

I have gathered my dreams in a silver air
Between the gold and the blue
And wrapped them softly and left them there,
My jewelled dreams of you.


તને હું જોઉં છું

તને હું જોઉં છું, ચંદા! કહે ! તે એ જુએ છે કે ?
અને આ આંખની માફક – કહે, તેની રુએ છે કે ?

અને તવ નેત્રમાં તે નેત્રનું પ્રતિબિંબ જોવાને
વખત હું ખોઉ તેવો શું – કહે, તે એ ખુએ છે કે ?

Reading Is Now Rewarded With Money

Reading Is Now Rewarded With Money

It has been around three years we are working day and night to make world’s biggest collection of short stories properly organized in a user friendly way.

We have now reached to 5000+ quality short stories.

Hindi Stories

Ayodhyakand – Daan Before the Vanvas

Part 30 of total 30 stories in series Ramayana in Hindi

बड़े भाई राम की आज्ञानुसार लक्ष्मण गुरु वशिष्ठ के पुत्र सुयज्ञ को अपने साथ ले आये। राम और सीता ने अत्यंत श्रद्धा के साथ उनकी प्रदक्षिणा की। इसके पश्चात् उन्होंने अपने स्वर्ण कुण्डल, बाजूबन्द, कड़े, मालाएँ तथा रत्नजटित अन्य आभूषणों को उन्हें देते हुये कहा, “हे मित्र! जनकनन्दिनी सीता भी मेरे साथ वन को जा रही हैं।

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